Monday, March 18, 2013

Having a Shitty Day? - Day 338

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into an immediate and automatic reaction of irritation when and as I experience it as though the things or the point I am participating within does not go as fast as or as ‘smooth’ as I would want it to/prefer it to – and within that accepting and allowing myself to go into a nagging experience of annoyance due to perceiving my external reality to not be aligned with how I, within the mind, have imagined it to play out, or would want it to play out.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become irritated and annoyed when and as I perceive that things are not playing out as I would like them to – when I perceive that physical reality do not correspond with the imagination I have formed within the mind in relation to how ‘I want things to be’ – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become frustrated as an automatic response that follows when and as something isn’t ‘going smoothly’ – not seeing or realizing that it is not what and how things are happening in my external world that is ‘the problem’ – that how this physical, practical reality functions and operates are not something I can control in the context of always making sure that things goes according to how I, within the mind, would like them to go or obtaining the exact result as I would like to – no, but in this I realize that what I do have the ability to decide over is who I am in relation to external factors – that I am the one who have created the experiences of irritation, frustration and annoyance – which are experiences that I realize will not make this physical reality more aligned with how I want it to be, it will not make what I participate within ‘easier to handle’ – thus I realize that becoming annoyed/irritated/frustrated within moments where things take a bit extra time/effort or do not play out as I would prefer them to will actually merely make the situation I am within layered with an extra ‘obstacle’, since I am within that making what I participate within extra difficult/hard through attaching an experience/reaction to what I do.
  • In this I realize that, within moments where I perceive things to not go ‘according to my plan’ or according to how I would prefer it to go, I must assist and support myself to in that face what is here within and as breath – where I see what is required to be done, accept what is Here and in that realize that; ok, so it might take some extra time/effort – but I can within that support myself through remaining here, breathing – within stability – that reacting to the situation with irritation/frustration is actually only self-sabotaging – therefor I commit myself to assist and support myself to see, realize and understand that I cannot control exactly how things play out in physical reality, that things will sometimes take more time than what I had expected – and within that I commit myself to practice on accepting what is here, when I see that things are not aligned with how I had expected them to be/play out I make sure that I look at the point of – what do I need to prioritize, which is to first make sure that I am stable, here, breathing – therefor I commit myself to stop and breathe when I see that irritation/frustration/annoyance is emerging and in that I make sure that I assist and support myself to stabilize myself here, within the situation that I am faced with – and When I am grounded here I face what I need to walk through and simply just accept the fact that sometimes unexpected things will emerge – what matters is who I am, who I decide to be, in relation to the things that emerges.

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